Our teaching activities include a range of courses and seminars, starting with basic bachelor courses on theoretical computer science and continuing with special lectures on advanced algorithmics and computational social choice in the master's program. Our seminars and projects cover a variety of topics, including those from both the bachelor and master's courses, as well as specific topics such as "computing games" where we discuss computation aspects of (e.g. computer or board) games. We also offer opportunities for students to do their projects, in particular in preparation for writing their thesis with us.

Information about old courses can be found here. Below, you see what we offer this term.

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Current Courses

Past Courses

  • Lecture: Advanced Algorithmics / Fortgeschrittene Algorithmik (Master)

    After successful completion of the course, students will be able to develop and analyze algorithms for computational problems from various application areas. For a concrete computational problem, they will be able to chose a strategy to efficiently solve the problem from a wide range of advanced techniques.

    This includes strategies for solving problems that are computationally hard in the worst case. In particular, the students know about current research topics in algorithmics.

    Particular topics include:

    • algorithmic game theory,
    • algorithmic graph theory,
    • approximation and online algorithms,
    • computational geometry,
    • computational social choice,
    • distributed algorithms,
    • online algorithms,
    • parameterized and exact algorithms,
    • randomized algorithms and analysis,
    • universal solvers

    This course was offered in summer term '22 and is offered now (summer term '23). For details, please visit the studip course page.